Exhibition Manual

*Photoelectric New Technology and Product Report (2016)






Hall 5, CIEC (Jinganzhuang)




10:00am-12:00pm, 13:0pm0-16:30pm, 18 OCT, 2016  

Report Form:


PPT or other presentation, free for exhibitors

Innovation display and communication on optical element application, development and production practice.


30 minutes for each report









COEMA and CIEC will held Photoelectric New Technology and Product Report (2016) to help exhibition visitors to know more about exhibitors’ product and technology and help exhibitor for promotion and marketing. This is a specialized report for VisionChina exhibitor to promote new technology and product and this report will be held in VisionChina exhibition hall which is a good opportunity for exhibitors to communication with profession. This report is free for exhibitors.

Report content should be PowerPoint, video or other display type about innovation product and technology and Chinese and English content are all acceptable. Anyone who is interested please contact with COEMA secretariat.

Please send your report content, reporter name and position to COEMA email by 1 Sep, 2016. Supplier and customer can by invited by exhibitors or COEMA.


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Tel: +86-10-84321499